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Referenzen: U.a. haben die folgenden hervorragenden Unternehmen bereits Werbung im Reiseblog geschaltet:; LATAM Airlines, Expedia, Deutsche Bahn, WimDu, Venetien, Neckermann Reisen, u.a.

Advertorial/Gastbeitrag/Sponsor-Artikel auf der Hauptseite des Blogs mit verlinkten Keywords (min. 300 Worte, Foto, 12 Monate Online, intern + extern verlinkt), plus Social Media Backlinks Facebook, Instagram (ca. 2000+ Kontakte)

Testberichte + Produkttests über Ausrüstungs – Produkte aus dem Bereich Fotografie, Reisen, Outdoor (Kosten nach Absprache)

Kooperation und Rechercheunterstützung mit Destination oder Leistungsträger weltweit (Leistungspaket nach Absprache)

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Anfragen für Reiseblog Werbung, Online Marketing, Mediakit mit aktuellen Trafficzahlen, Backlink-Aufbau oder Kooperationen bitte per Email an:

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About planetenreiter travel blog

planetenreiter is a German language travel blog founded by me, DC Loew.

I am the only traveller and author on my travel blog.

The blog was founded in 2013. planetenreiter (which kind of means „the one one who is riding the planet“)  is intended to be an authentic and trustful online travel ressource.

All of the travels on my site, all of the places described, all of the experiences shown, all of the adventures survived – I did it myself. So, all the travel expertise on planetenreiter is truely first hand.

I mostly travel to Latin America, do Safari in Africa and undertake road trips and weekend trips in Europe.

What you can find on planetenreiter

So you will find here a mixture of fine travel destinations which are mostly off the beaten track, some history, some travel philosophy, loads of travel tips, loads of how to get the best out of your travel photography, what do see, what to do, how to get around.

I am interested in nature conservation and wildlife photography, and want to keep this planet as fine as it is.

I travel light, I do not believe very much in planning ahead.

Just go there!

What you cannot find on my travel blog

This is a travel blog, not a manual for how to make the best out of your life. This, you have to find out yourself. I can only give some hints about how to travel light.

This travel blog is not about:

Luxury. You might call me a flash packer.

Myth. Only hard facts. I believe in Science.

Eating meat. There is more about being a vegetarian than not eating animals.

Save a buck here and there. I am no good in financial advise.

Advertise on this travel blog

You can book  formats like an advertorial for your online marketing campaign here on my travel blog.

Please note that I will not publish ads for the following advertisers and businesses:

  • Religion
  • Gaming and online casinos
  • Betting
  • Porn
  • Politics

Please do not send me Emails without a valid business signature, I will trash these emails instantly.

Please ask for my media kit if you are interested in my audience and traffic figures.

References – the following great companies already published their ads on planetenreiter: LATAM Airlines, Expedia, Deutsche Bahn, WimDu, DMO Venetia, Neckermann Reisen,, Enchanting Travels

Advertorial: On blog main page, including linked key words of your favor             (min. 300 words, images, stays online permanently for 12 months), plus social media distribution on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (ca. 2000+ contacts)

Guest article or guest blog post (min. 300 words, images, stays online permanently for 12 months, key words, Backlink), plus social media distribution on Facebook,, Instagram (ca. 2000+ contacts), Publisher might produce content.(Please note: I do not publish ads for the following businesses:  Religion, Porn, Politics, Gaming, Betting).

Social media distribution with ca. 2000+ contacts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Enquiries for travel blog marketing or content marketing please email to:

kontakt  (at)

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