Afrika Safari

What is this travel blog about? Long distance travel to Latin America, road trips, the best of Europe and Germany and UNESCO world heritage sites, and: Safari. Photo Safari, that is, of course.

I as a travel blogger and traveller love Africa, especially the countries in Eastern and Southern Africa, where you can go for a Safari and have the time of your life.

For all tree huggers, animal lovers, nature conservationists, Safari is a way of life.

So find out on planetenreiter Safari blog everything you need to know when planning the Safari trip of your life time:

  • Where to go, especially in Botswana and Tanzania
  • How to do a self drive Safari
  • Where to find the best Safari destinations, National Parks, Lodges
  • Where to find the best wildlife photography spots
  • Where to encounter which animals in which National parks or reserves
  • What to pack and bring and wear for your Safari


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